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History of The Fellowcraft Jewel

The Clifton Fellowcraft Jewel is an honorary token presented to those who have, by faithful and conscientious work, served Clifton-Gaston Allen Lodge.  Its idea was conceived and the design developed by Clifton men.  Being a reward for service, it cannot be purchased.

For the history connected with the design, we are indebted to a Masonic research authority, Dr. C. H. Merz, of Sandusky, Ohio.

It is an exact reproduction of a clay tessera or amulet

found in an Egyptian tomb and is at least 40 centuries  old.  The geometric figure illustrates the 47th Problem of Euclid, which is significant because it has appeared so consistently through Masonry.

The Fellowcraft Jewel was assigned by Brother Arthur J. Laws to Clifton Lodge, March 16, 1921, and recorded in Volume 114, Page 171 of Transfer of Patents at the United States Patent Office, October 8, 1921.

Recipients of the Fellowcraft Jewel

Robert Lacey Stewart, PM*    1957
Elmer Elsworth Croushore, Jr., PM    1958
Richard Carlton Wurz*  1958
Thomas L. Meikle*  1960
John Milton Alton, Jr.*  1967
Robert Rollet Anders*  1967
Richard Bosworth Dowman, PM*  1967
Thomas Stanley Flegge, PM  1967
Michael John Friedrich, PM*  1967
Wilfred Colfax Hoffman*  1967
Edward Joseph Hogan*  1967
Robert Lawrence Kellogg*  1967
Robert James Scott  1967
Allan Edwin Cawrse, PM  1968
Clyde Vaughn Payton*  1968
Clarence Morse Barber*  1969
Hans Ernest Reusser*  1969
Otto Karl Schweikert*  1972
Roy Carl Sundeen*  1972
Loren Dale Eichwald  1974
Robert William Niebaum, PM, PDDGM  1974
William Kober Niebaum*  1974
William George Scholz, Jr.  1974
Dwight William McVicker, PM, KYCH  1976
Robert Jed Trigg, PM, KYCH  1976
Harrison Herlock Wiltse II  1976
Dean Russell Cawrse, PM  1977
Stephen Joseph Smith*  1977
Paul Richard Tipper*  1977
Robert William Wykoff, PM  1977
Richard Roy Ross, PM  1989

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