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Curtis A. Hendzell, Excellent High Priest  
Excellent High Priest Curtis A. Hendzell
King Thomas D. Standen
Scribe Jonathan H. Krapf
Treasurer Robert W. Niebaum, PHP, DDGHP, KYCH
Secretary John H. Whitehouse, Jr., PHP, KYCH
Captain of the Host Jonathan R. Hupp
Principal Sojourner Robert D. Hein
Royal Arch Captain Harold A. Loebick, PHP
Master of the Third Veil Christen A. Hoyer
Master of the Second Veil  
Master of the First Veil
Guard Darrel A. Weaver, PHP
Chaplain John H. Whitehouse, Jr., PHP, KYCH
Education Officer Ronald J. Bokan, Jr., PHP, DDGHP, KYCH
Trustees David Wilkinson
Robert W. Niebaum, PHP, DDGHP, KYCH
Bertram T. Horne, PHP, KYCH
Emeritus Officers
Secretary Emeritus Frank F. Musrush*
Secretary Emeritus Cecil Hamilton, PHP, KYCH*

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