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  Stated Meeting Second Wednesday 7:30 p.m.


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Past Worthy Presidents

2017   Mrs. John (Janet) Sutter
2016   Mrs. John (Janet) Sutter
2015   Mrs. Robert (Marilyn) Robertson
2014   Mrs. Robert (Meldia) Childers
2013   Mrs. Kenyon (Jean) Killinger*
2012   Mrs. George (Ellen) Wadge
2011   Mrs. John (Janet) Sutter
2010   Mrs. Richard (Cindy) Griffith, Jr.
2009   Mrs. Richard (Cindy) Griffith, Jr.
2008   Mrs. Richard (Cindy) Griffith, Jr.
2007   Mrs. Robert (Marilyn) Robertson
2006   Mrs. Nick (Wilhelmina) Tazelaar
2005   Mrs. George (Ellen) Wadge
2004   Mrs. Ronald (Donna) Ebert*
2003   Mrs. Ronald (Donna) Ebert*
2002   Mrs. Ronald (Donna) Ebert*
2001   Mrs. Norman (Elinor) Bayse
2000   Mrs. Norman (Elinor) Bayse
1999   Mrs. William (Janice) Freitag
1998   Mrs. William (Janice) Freitag
1997   Mrs. William (Janice) Freitag
1996   Mrs. Paul Snow
1995   Mrs. Paul Snow
1994   Mrs. Robert E. Freely
1993   Mrs. Albert (Jean) Lancaster
1992   Mrs. Edward (Edna) Beiser*
1991   Mrs. Harry Zingale
1990   Mrs. Robert (Ruth) Clippinger*
1989   Mrs. Albert (Jean) Lancaster
1988   Mrs. Russell (Gwendolyn) Gardner*
1987   Mrs. Howard Beeman
1986   Mrs. William Black
1985   Mrs. Paul Snow
1984   Mrs. James Horsburgh
1983   Mrs. H. William Wallace

Past Worthy Presidents (Prior to Consolidation)

  Cleveland #15   Lorain #147
    Merged into Cleveland #15
February 5, 1982
1982   Mrs. Edward (Edna) Beiser*   Mrs. Harry (Romayne) Bennett*
1981   Mrs. Louis Scriner   Mrs. Harry (Romayne) Bennett*
1980   Mrs. Robert E. Freely   Mrs. Ralph Kelly
1979   Mrs. James Call   Mrs. Wesley Goodell
1978   Mrs. Frank Dezso   Mrs. Harry (Helen) Kirkpatrick
1977   Mrs. Richard Mason   Mrs. Carl Clare
1976   Mrs. Ross (Joyce) Black*   Mrs. Frank Ryan
1975   Mrs. John Hall   Mrs. Delbert Barnes
1974   Mrs. Russell Scheibel   Mrs. Mack (Emma) Long*
1973   Mrs. John Kocsis   Mrs. Fred Sass
1972   Mrs. Paul Goodworth   Mrs. Harry (Romayne) Bennett*
1971   Mrs. H. William Wallace   Mrs. James (Mary) Chapman*
1970   Mrs. George Maudsley   Mrs. William Scanland
1969   Mrs. Walter Eichoff   Mrs. Harold Wingate
1968   Mrs. George Klippel   Mrs. Arthur Varadi
1967   Mrs. Harry Reichard   Mrs. Clinton Reph
1966   Mrs. Robert White   Mrs. Harry (Helen) Kirkpatrick
1965   Mrs. Fred Kozak   Mrs. Thomas Orseno
1964  Mrs. Elmer Rogers  Mrs. Samuel Wragg
1963  Mrs. Harold Weaver  Mrs. T. Clarence Nelson
1962  Mrs. Henry Weema  Mrs. Marcus Smith
1961  Mrs. Jesse Hampton  Mrs. George Brill
1960  Mrs. Clarence Amtsberg  Mrs. William H. Hunter
1959  Mrs. Frank Nelson  Mrs. William Scanland
1958  Mrs. David Strong  Mrs. Allen Easterwood
1957  Mrs. Allen Richter  Mrs.  Henry Radde
1956  Mrs. Kenneth E. Myers  Mrs. Charles Allen
1955  Mrs. George Reebel  Mrs. John Todhunter
1954  Mrs. Benjamin Gommel  Mrs. Vincent Vick
1953  Mrs. Albert Ptak  Mrs. Charles J. (Dorothy) Meek, PSWP*
1952  Mrs. Hugh Walker  Mrs. Roy Trotter
1951  Mrs. Martin Hartlieb  Mrs. Wesley Goodell
1950  Mrs Homer Bomgardner  Mrs. William Coulter
1949  Mrs. Frank Hrabak  Constituted April 15, 1950
1948  Mrs Fred Metzger   
1947  Mrs. Robert Winter   
1946  Mrs. Albert Fenne   
1945  Mrs. Wilbur McDowell   
1944  Mrs. Roy E. Tilden   
1943  Mrs. Clinton J. Miller   
1942  Mrs. John Watt   
1941  Mrs. William E. Kneale   
1940  Mrs. William F. McKay   
1939  Mrs. Walter Shoff   
1938  Mrs. Edwin F. Schoenfield   
1937  Mrs. Frank F. Sherman   
1936  Mrs. Albert J. Thomas   
1935  Mrs. Charles H. Matchett   
1934  Mrs. A. A. Rickert   
1933  Mrs. Jacob J. Welf   
1932  Mrs. Carl Saefkow   
1931  Mrs. Lauren L. Smith   
1930  Mrs. Louis Radcliffe   
1929  Mrs. Joseph J. Schuster   
1928  Mrs. Margaret DeVand   
1927  Mrs. William J. Strangward   
1926  Mrs. Herman W. Davis   
1925  Mrs. L. A. Greenlund   
1924  Mrs. E. A. Smith   
1923  Mrs. Calvi R. Edson   
1922  Mrs. Robert Turnbull   
1921  Mrs. Fred Dunart   
Constituted April 19, 1921  

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